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My daughter is 20 months old and she urinates frequently.  I took her to her pediatrician and a CMP was performed.  All of her test were fasted because I am concerned about juvenile diabetes because of family history.  To my surprise, her glucose levels were excellent but I am concerned about her kidney function.  Her urea nitrogen (BUN) level was 24mg/dL, BUN/Creatinine Ratio was 92 and her creatinine was .26mg/dL. I realize that increased levels may be due to dietary intake but this is a concern because kidney disease is prevalent in my family due to factors of high blood pressure and diabetes.  I'm not sure of her intake at daycare but at home, I try to incorporate a balanced meal.  Her pediatrician did not call me with the results.  I obtained them online but should I be concerned?  I would think that with levels this high in a 20 month old, he would have mentioned the levels.

Hi, Alana,

In a healthy child, the BUN/creatinine ratio is a fairly useless test.  The BUN can be slightly high due to simply not having enough to drink and the creatinine, the real marker in kids of kidney disease is totally normal.  The BUN/Creatinine ratio is much more often used in adult medicine.  Sounds like he didn't call because all if fine.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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