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Dr. my daughter is 3 yrs old and weigh only 10.8 kgs. Although she is an active child .She is very fussy eater.She eats grinded food till date that i feed her by distracting her otherwise she doesnt eat it by herself. She takes lot of time to chew chapati or rice and swallow it slowly.That is the reason i have to give her mashed food, to feed her a decent amount daily.She hardly eats anything on her own /ask for something to eat.

I got her checked multiple times by different doctors but all of them have said that she is a normal active baby.I dont know what to do as giving her a proper diet has become very difficult for me.She doesnt even drink milk (only while she is asleep that to @ 120ml 2 times.

Hi, sheetal,

She has an eating disorder and is using the eating as a means of control.  Just let her feed herself.  She will rot her teeth out if she is taking milk while asleep.  If she is offered a variety food, she will not starve herself. I am assuming, in this answer, that your doctors feel she is healthy and generally fine.  This is a control issue and don't let he do it.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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