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My grandson is 5 years old and he is exhibiting very scary symptoms. They started very mild about 4 months ago. He experienced some involuntary shaking. We took him to Strong Memorial and never really got answers. They did an EKG plus a MRI but no dye was used. They said both were normal. My grandsons symptoms pretty much went away for several months. This past week his symptoms have retuned full force. He is suffering from EXTREME involuntary twitching and movements. He jerks, itches his nose uncontrollably, his behavior has become extremely difficult and he has moments of real anger. The school has used a weighted vest on him because they stated his twitches have almost caused him to fall out of his chair. Video has been taken of him and sent to the doctors but he can not be seen for a week. He has complained of some leg pain and he said that he lost his vision for a few seconds. He is also having the movements in his sleep though they are not as bad. We asked the doctor if we should take him to the hospital and they said to wait for his appt. My grandson had delayed speech and has always has seem to have trouble holding eye contact for long periods of time. He makes friends easily, has always been social and excels at sports even at this young age. He is also very bright. We are at a loss! I'm not asking for a diagnosis but looking for direction. Thank-You.


Hi, Karen,

We also have a 5 yo grandson and it is so much fun.  Sorry yours is having issues.

The MRI, with or without contrast is an excellent tool to rule out significant structural brain pathology.  The EKG is a sort of weird test to do in this situation, but normal is great.  Did he have an EEG?  That would seem to be reasonable test to rule out a seizure disorder.  

My guess, with the waxing and waning symptoms over time, is that this is some sort of tic disorder.  The movements in a full sleep, however, don't really go with that diagnosis, for usually a tic disorder in children vanishes in sleep.  

With the delayed speech, the weighted vest, and the inability to hold eye contact, I'm sure people have thought of autism spectrum disorder.  

I would like to see the video, if you can send it to me.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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