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For the past 4 to 5 days, my 5.5 months old baby poops in green colour. In between she goes in yellow colour also. But per day, the frequency ranges between 5 to 6 times in small amount. She is also not sleeping properly. She hardly sleeps for half an hour to 45 minutes and wakes up. Not feeding properly. Means, she feeds completely only when she is hungry. Otherwise she is active. Even while feeding her she wants to play. The moment I leave her down, she rolls over, reaches for some object, keeps it in mouth and bites it badly. She takes my finger and tries to bite. She is also trying to stand and stands for less than a second. In no time she explores all the object in house and tastes every little thing. If things are not given to her, she shouts and cries for it. But if given to her, she keeps it in mouth. On January 9th 2015, she is completing 6 months. So, planning to start solids in January.I am still breastfeeding her. For the past one week, I am taking galact for iincreasing my milk supply. Is the green coloured poop, because of galact? I am extremely worried about her sleeping routine and poop colour. What might be wrong?

ANSWER: Hi Swapna,

Relax! Everything you have described, including green coloured poop, is normal. Nothing to worry.

Not feeding properly??? Feeding only when hungry is the MOST PROPER way to feed!!. She shoule be fed ONLY WHEN she is hungry, not by the clock..please!!!

When you start solids, her poop is going to change further: smell, color and frequency: everything changes....that is normal and you need not worry when baby is active and playful...

Best wishes,
Dr. Puneet Kumar,
Kumar Child Clinic, Dwarka,
New Delhi, India

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QUESTION: Thank You sir. She weighs 6.4 kg, height - 62 cm. ( Birth Weight - 3kg, Height - 51 cm Born on July 9th 2014(5 months 15 days)). Is it normal? She wakes up every one hour during night time. Elders at home says her feed is not sufficient and time to introduce solids for her. Can I start now? She can be without feed even for continuous 4 hours and will be very active. Still it should be demand feed? Rarely she sleeps continuously for 4 hours. Even in that case, I need not wake her up for feed? She tries to stand with support but everybody says its too early to try that. Is it ok?

Hi Swapna,

Don't you get bored asking same question again and again? You discussed the weight issue earlier. Her weight is normal, and you need to keep monitoring her weight on growth chart: I informed you that earlier!!

Even a newborn baby can remain without feeds for upto 6 hours and should still be demand fed. Your baby is 6 months old and need not be given ANYTHING upto 8-9 hours if she doesn't demand.

Yes, you can start solids: as she is almost 6 months now.

It's OK if she tries to stand: It s rather good!!

Best wishes,
Dr. Puneet Kumar,
Kumar Child Clinic, Dwarka,
New Delhi, India

+91-9818356846, +91-11-45535647  


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