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the bumps/rash
the bumps/rash  

My son got hives about a month ago i had token him to his dr and he told mebit was an allergery to something it went away after 6 days now a month later he has this awful looking bumps all down his oneside and a single patch in his diaper area. They are bumpy red and white dots.
I orginally thought it may be eczema but the skin isnt dry at all very soft just bumpy. He doesnt seem to be irrotated by it he does scratch its ocasionally hes had this now for a week.... What can it be? How can i treat it?

Hi, Jaclyn,

The photos are not of high resolution but they are not hives.  They may be, based on the location and your description, something we call unilateral lateral thoracic exanthem.  It is a self-limited somewhat poorly understood rash we often see in kids and needs no treatment.  This is a well educated guess and your doctor may be able to shed more light on this with a personal view.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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