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Hi. Just recently started my exclusively breastfeed almost 6 month old on baby food. I started her on mashed avocados first. Her poo seemed a little more squishy and like a more creamy consistency after this, but now the last two days she has been eating rice cereal.  Both days after eating rice cereal in the early to late evening she has had one pretty loose sour stool.  Last night it soaked her pants some. She seems fine other than that and only has it once each day. Is this okay? Should I quit giving her rice cereal? Could she be allergic? She is also teething at this time.
Thanks Bea

Hi, Bea,

Stools change after adding solids and I would just wait this out.  It is doubtful, but not impossible, she is allergic to rice.  If you want, stop the rice cereal and try some different vegetable, like squash and then restart the cereal after the stools are stable and see if there is a big difference.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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