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Pediatrics/Nutritional requirements for an 8 year old boy


My boyfriend's son is 8 years old and I'm concerned with his eating, or lack of. At 8, he's only ever eaten bread, fruit, yogurt, bacon, and junk food. Never tried anything else and won't. His daily meals typically are:
Breakfast: yogurt, bacon, pancake only if has chocolate chips or muffin
Lunch: yogurt & bacon or bread with chocolate chips
Dinner: bread & yogurt, maybe some fruit
He is very active and plays sports. I'm concerned for his health, arteries eating bacon every day for years, etc
What is your take on this? I'm trying to convince my boyfriend he needs an eating specialist as at 8, I think he has an eating problem
Thank you,

Hi, Tracy,

Generally age 8 is a bit late to start developing good dietary habits.  This is a problem that should be addressed years ago.

That being said, what he drinks is somewhat important.  Does he drink milk?  If so, I am less concerned, especially if it is skim.  Is there a history of high cholesterol in the family?  If not, I am less concerned.

I would have him see a dietician, along with his father.  Having you chime in on this may not be too helpful, especially if your ideas are different than his fathers.  A daily vitamin would be essential.

Good luck, and let Dad and his son primarily work this out.

Dr. Olson


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