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QUESTION: My baby boy was born fair and was fair till his 4th month but later he became dark is that a problem? Can u tell me y it  happened is there any solution to get back his original complextion plz dr. Help me

ANSWER: Hi, bhagyasri,

Babies skin color can change from birth.  What is wrong with him being a bit darker than before?  Why would you want to change his skin color?  Even if you wanted to, there is no way to do this.

Good luck, Dr. Olson

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QUESTION: Thank u dr. I thoughg there will be a medical reason but u clarified my doubt iby saying its natural i am happy now thank u once again and now my baby is not eating food properly from last two days  he is  twelve months old in a day totally he is taking very little amount of milk not taking  any fruits or solid food plz suggest me any medicine to improve his appetite

Hi, bhagyasri,

There are no medicines we use to stimulate appetite.  Generally when babies don't eat well for a couple of days, they are sick in some way.  If he is no running a fever, is going pretty well, you may just wish to follow things.  If he is getting clearly sick, then a visit to the doctor might be in order.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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