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My 8months old baby still have stomach usually occur during the day and at night.he eats well,drinks well.wen he feels d pain,he twist his body.the pain doesn't really last but it just comes and go.he cries wen the pains is much.he wakes like 2 to 3 times at night but d paIn doesn't last up to 3minutes.he is started since he was 3months but the teeth is just coming out.the down and up at the same time.he drolls and always puts his hand inside his mouth.pls what could cause the stomach upset.

Hi, Adeline,

This is something where you really should see the doctor.  If it is long term pain, it makes it less likely that it is serious.  I suspect this is something like a lactose intolerance or other food intolerance, but please see your doctor.  A trial of no milk or dairy for a week or two would be reasonable to be sure this is not a lactose problem.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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