My son has had trouble with sore throats and white spots on his throat for several years.  We took him to an ENT and he said that removing his tonsils would not help because it was his throat and his tonsils did not appear to be infected.  He recommended 20 days of antibiotic instead of 10 when he suffered from extreme sore throat.  Most times sore throat was accompanied by fever and white spots on throat.  Several years later he still gets frequent sore throats, large white spots on throat and fever.  He has just finished a 20 day series of antibiotics and white spots on throat still remain although at present time he has no throat pain.  As always, it will soon reoccur.  What can we do to break this vicious cycle?

Your help as always is greatly appreciated.

Hi, Diane,

Is anyone doing strep tests and treating if they are positive?  Often sore throats are caused by viruses and unless a strep test is done and is positive, treatment will be somewhat useless. Usually a prolonged course of an antibiotic is used to get the meds deep into the tonsillar tissue.  If the ENT says the tonsils are fine, then I'm not sure of the value of an antibiotic, especially if the strep test is negative.  

I don't know how old your child is.  Recurrent sore throats and fever sometimes can be signs of the category of illness we call the "Periodic Fever Syndromes".  This might be something your doctor would like explore if this fits the clinical conditions.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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