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My son is 8 months and a week old, and after reading various articles on baby development I am concerned that he does not yet babble.

My son is, in fact, very vocal - he regularly makes raspberries and he use vowels such as "aahhh" and "ooo" to communicate and get attention, as well as laughing, squealing, blowing, grunting and shouting. He sometimes makes sounds such as "baa" "gaaa" "boo" and "fff" but hasnt made traditional babbling noises such as "baba" "mama" etc. He has recently passed a hearing test and has been responding  to his name for months and is very alert with sounds (eg will look towards door when he hears it, will look at the dog when he barks etc). His eye contact is excellent and usually engages with strangers to get attention. He has also begun pointing and he will often do so when I ask him where the light/dog/dad etc is. He also claps and is starting to understand "bye" and trying to wave.

In terms of physical development, he has been rolling over both ways and sitting up unaided for months, is pulling to a stand and has me walking with him by holding his hands all day long as he is very steady on his feet. He has never really liked crawling and will just try and pull himself up when I try to get him to crawl. He has also been drinking from a straw for some time. He does not, as yet, have any teeth though I am starting to feel one cutting through.

All in all, I was happy with his development until I read online that he should have been babbling by 6 months! Should I be worried? I read to him every day and narrate daily events as much as possible. Is there anything I can do to encourage babbling? He will also start daycare on Monday so that might help too.

Sorry for the length of the post! Thank you!

From your detailed description your child appears to be normal in every way.. Normal development varies widely. Some babies do not crawl. Speech development also varies. There is nothing to  worry. Enjoy watching your child. God bless him.


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