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I have a 3 month old baby girl that has started running fever Thursday morning of 100.6,well i gave her some Tylenol and it went down but kept coming back. Well Friday it started again and went away. This morning I woke up and she had a temp of 100.6 and vomited her whole bottle up. We took her to her pediatrician this morning that was on call and he said she seemed fine and maybe it was just an allergy. I have been giving her Tylenol to control the temp but it just keeps on coming,now is 100.8 and she is still vomiting a little. I am worried but the pediatrician said she should be fine. Should i go back for a second opinion or am i over reacting???? She is a little congested but not bad. Just her head is hot,no other part of the body.

Hi, jessica,

Allergy is a bit silly, assuming she really has a fever.  I much more likely scenario is that she has a little stomach virus.  If she gets worse, have he rechecked.  Otherwise just make sure she gets plenty of fluids and some tylenol to help with the fever and she should be better in a day or two. Keep in touch if you need further help.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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