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Pediatrics/Baby acne, heat rash, eczema, or something else?? (Pic)


Bumps on face
Bumps on face  
My daughter is 6 weeks old and a couple of weeks ago she started getting skin colored bumps on her face. It improved a little but now it's completly covering her face and there are some of these bumps on her neck, chest , arms and legs. They don't seem to be bothering her. Just wondering if you could give your opinion on what this looks like to you and how it could possibly be treated. Thank you in advance!

Hi, Hillary,

It looks like a condition we call keratosis pilaris, a common genetically transmitted problem that falls in the category of dry skin.  It could be a sensitivity to a new soap or softener.  It could be a variation of the normal newborn rash, which generally goes away by 10-12 weeks of life.  I would try a good daily moisturizer and if it isn't  better, have your doctor look at it at the 2 month routine PE.

Good luck, dr. Olson


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