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Dr. Olson,

I have two boys. The older one is 6 and the younger is 2. They are very active and loud while playing. Sometimes I get very upset when I want to rest and they don't listen. I start to shout and they are scared and stop. I can see fear in their eyes when I get angry. I love them more than anything, but when they are too wild to control, I lose temper. Will being scared affect their physical well being? I will try my best to keep calm.

Thank you!

Hi, Jing,

Being frightened of your anger and loss of control will probably not effect them physically, but the mental consequences could potentially be life long.  Why don't you talk with someone about your anger and temper and find out some ways you can change things to make sure your kids live healthy lives?  Get someone to talk to, like a counselor, a pastor, or some experienced mother. The fact you appreciate this flaw in your character goes a long way toward getting help to make things better.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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