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Hello, my name is Keith.
This is not exactly a question on a medical condition: I just moved with family to another city. Almost immediately, the school requested an updated medical record, along with an exam from my 8 year old boy. Not knowing any doctor in the zone, I asked my new neighbors and was recommended their own.
The physician is a bit old, but very competent. Once the paperwork was done, in the examination room, the doctor asked me to undress completely my boy, even his briefs. And he was to stay nude just all the examination.

It is advisable to undress kids that age?

I remember my own examinations, staying in my briefs and having to lower them just for a moment, but not nude.
By the way, my son kept giggling all the time, from silly jokes of the doctor, but seemed relieved to dress again.

For your advice, Thank you.

Hi, Keith,

Different doctors do this differently.  

I am 61, probably a bit old, but I have kids keep their underwear on and just briefly, after explaining the private body stuff and me being a doctor and them being with their parents so it is OK, take a look and a feel of the testicles

Sitting around nude makes anyone uncomfortable.  I just had me yearly and the internist was kind enough to let me keep my undies on and had them down for the genital and rectal stuff.  

Next time just ask if he can keep his underwear on for the exam.  If the doctor refuses, see someone else.  This is a reasonable request and to me is not a "deal breaker".

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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