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How often do you see headaches in pre-teens? My 13 year old boy seems to have one every couple weeks or so (sometimes weekly sometimes less). He had had these for a couple of years now. They always seem to be on one particular side of his head and present with no additional symptoms that are obvious. They can appear anytime throughout the day but seem to be more in the later evening. I have had him checked out by his pediatrician but he didn’t seem overly concerned. These don’t mimic the “migraines” that you hear so much about.  He has mentioned that they make his eyes water and ache at times. Thanks you for your valuable service

Hi, Slayde,

Headaches recurrently are very common in kids and are almost always due to stress or migraines.  Migraines would be much more likely if one has a family history of them.

They can range from a totally disabling headache to one that would be more mild.  

They seldom, if ever, are due to vision problems.  Your doctor should take a good history, do a good exam, get a good family history and then make some decisions as to what should be done.

Usually in healthy kids who are neurologically normal, imaging studies like CT scans or MRIs are seldom done.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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