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Hi.  My son will be 6 in a month and we have had some issues with him and the neighbor boy showing/touching private parts.  It started at least a year ago.  I know it's perfectly normal for kids to be curious but my concern is that is has happened multiple (half a dozen or so) times after we have talked to him about it.  He knows its wrong but still does it.  The last time was this past weekend and he told me they were "playing house" and I felt the need to ask.  When I asked his respnse was "I wanted to tell you".  Prior to that it hasn't happened since last summer (to my knowledge) although I stopped asking for a while.  Like I said, I get that they're curious, but I've talked to him at length about how there are bad people in the world, etc and that the only person who touches your private parts is you.  He has been banned from playing with his best friend/neighbor for a few days when it happens.  I guess my question for you is what do I do?  He has always told me that it was the neighbors idea, however, this last time he told me that he couldn't remember who's idea it was.

Hi, sarah,

I think you are handling this common issue very well and appropriately.  We walk a fine line in this world re protecting our kids and letting them not be too weird about sexual stuff. This touching and curiosity is normal and are not signs of any hidden deviant behavior.  

I think if this is an issue only with this other kid, then separating them from each other is good, as well as discussing this w his mother.  I would do this in a matter of fact, non-accusatory way, because who really know or really cares who initiated this normal behavior.  

Good work as a Mom!

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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