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My wife and I have been rocking our little girl to sleep every night.  Well, she is now 26 months old and we are expecting our second child this November.  We love rocking her to sleep every night, but we need to wean her off of this before the second child comes.  

How should we go about doing this.  She will ball if we put her into her crib before she is asleep, and even if she wakes up when we put her in the crib.  

Also, when do we transition her from the crib to a bed.  She does well in the crib and doesn't try to crawl out.  

Do we switch her to the bed and then try to put her to bed without rocking her to sleep?  Would this be to much change all at once?

Thanks so much for taking time to answer my question!


Hi, Benji,

Congrats on your second child!

I would first get her to sleep without you guys being her last waking memory and then make the transition to the bed.  I would rock her to a state of drowsiness and then put her in the crib, clearly awake and aware, kiss her good night, and leave.  She will wail.  Wait about 5 minutes and go into the room, don't pick her up, and tell her to go to sleep.  

This will be tough.  It needs to be done.  Don't do both the transition to the bed and teaching her to fall asleep on her own at the same time.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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