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My children were out on my Dad's farm yesterday and my son stepped in a runny pile of dog feces. I do not believe it was my parents dog but (according to my mom) other neighborhood dogs hang out up at their barn. The stool was unformed and runny about the size of a small clementine.

As soon as we saw it my dad wiped his show at the toe where it was on the ground.  These were sandals with buckles and a back but they have small openings throughout the shoe.  After we got back to their house we took his shoes off and threw them in a bag. They washed their hands when they got inside.

Are there any health issues we should be concerned about? I don't believe he touched it and his hands were cleaned inside, but this is stool from an unknown dog with unknown issues? What about rabies?

Please help.

Hi, Giselle,

No possibility of rabies.

Dogs can transmit certain things to humans, but even if this was totally bare foot, the chance of anything being transmitted by this means would be virtually zero.  Most of us who have dogs have exposure to dog saliva and probably even worse, for dog saliva probably contains most of the bacteria we find in dog feces.  

If the foot gets red or swollen, then see the doctor.  Otherwise nothing is the expected outcome.

Good luck and hope Mother's Day was blissful and quiet for you, Dr. Olson


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