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My child has leg discrepancy and falls over a lot.  She was born with a tragus skin tag and was mentioned could be related to kidney issues but nothing was mentioned again. She's 18 months now and been walking for 9 months.  Her left leg is shorter has an extra crease and her right leg rotates in to compensate. She had a xray to rule out hip dysplasia we are now waiting physio.  Could the leg length discrepancy be related to the skin tag.  Am a little anxious after having another child with a birth defect such as congenital diaphragmatic hernia who died . Thanks

Hi, Hadley, (the name of Ernest Hemingways first wife and my first gorgeous 2 year old granddaughter),

Tragus skin tags are seldom related to kidney issues.  They are formed, the ears and the kidneys, at the same time in gestation and occasionally can be linked.  I do not routinely examine the kidneys in kids who are otherwise normal and have ear abnormalities.

An extra crease is common and is not always a sign of a boney abnormality.  It can be, and the hip Xray was a good thing to do.  Has anyone said definitively that the leg, or a bone in the leg, is actually longer?  I would be sure this is the case.  I can't think of a relationship with the skin tag and the extra crease, whatever that is due to.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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