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My 9 month old son was diagnosed with nodular episcleritis last week - it cleared up within 2 days of using the FML drops prescribed. However, I read online that this condition is generally caused by an underlying systemic condition and Im absolutely worried sick. My son is very happy and extremely active (he says a few words and is very very close to walking) - You would not think there is anything wrong with him at all. Is it worth having him reviewed for an underlying systemic condition? What symptoms should I be looking out for?

He caught bacterial conjunctivitis before having the episcleritis could this have been the cause? We also have a dog whom he loves to play with, could it also be allergies?


Hi, Louise,

In my experience, this is an unusual pediatric condition.  I would first be sure of the diagnosis and be sure that a well trained peds eye doctor has seen him and made a firm diagnosis.  You obviously have gone online and saw the wide range of conditions this can, in some cases, be associated with.  In a healthy child, with no other problems, I would probably not do anything and just watch.  Your pediatrician would be the best person to discuss this with.  

Infections, like conjunctivitis, can be a cause and this is the most likely explanation in an otherwise healthy child.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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