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I'm taking my son to a pediatrician who is suggesting medications like cypon drops,graniforce,adliv drops which i ve seen to have more side effects than good.he also suggested cough and cold drops like tminic ,,,i want to know whether these are safe medicines for my nine month old boy and the doctor is reputed to seek advice in future...

Hi, Fauzia,

Medicine is practiced differently in other countries, a fact that I am seeing more and more in this world encompassing format.  We in the USA give our healthy kids not much in terms of medicines if they are healthy.  Cyproheptadine and the grandiforce are medicine, they are not just some harmless supplements.  Unless your child is sick in some way, why give stuff like this?  These are not medicines we give to healthy kids in the USA and you deserve to know why they are being given, for they are not free of side effects.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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