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Dear Sir

My daughter was born on Sunday May 04, 2014 through C section at around 3:00 pm. After born she was admitted to NICU as doc said she had difficulty in breathing. 2 days later they discharged her.

1. She was given polio drops and Hepatitis B Vaccination injection on May 06, 2014.
2. Now she is living on her mother's milk.
3. Doctor advised to give her 3 oral solutions namely:
a: Calcimax: 1 ml in morning and evening.
b: A2Z drops (NS drops) Multivitamin, multimineral & Lysine drops by Alkem laboratories ltd: 4 drops, once a day.
c: Calshine P Drops Cholecalciferol (Vitami D3) Oral Solution: 8 drops, once a day.

I have some questions regarding the same. Would be extremely happy to get them answered by you.

1. For two days she is having loose stools (yellow color). We did not consulted doctor till now and waiting to go them over. What do you suggest? Any home remedies for the same?
2. She is just drinking her mother's milk. But her mother is not able to know whether her stomach is filled after feeding or not. And she is also not sure that she is generating adequate milk or not. And frequent milk sucking by baby is also creating ache in breast & nipples. Is there any alternate of breast feeding? If yes, what? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the same.
3. After feeding, most of the time she is having hiccups (a lot of continuous hiccups). On the day she was discharged from NICU & came to her mother and drank her milk for the first time, she had her first hiccups (in our knowledge, whether she had the same in MICU or not, we are not aware of the same) & nurse gave her few drops of water. When we brought her home, we did the same twice. Then I read that water for kids is hazardous and we stopped. Is it true? Now when she have hiccups i give her the drops (3b or 3c above) and her hiccups sops most of the time. Is this okay?
4. When her mother feed her, after feeding she started crying loudly (like someone cries in pain). She farts frequently and seems she has some gas issues in the stomach. But we are not sure why she does that right after feeding. Any suggestions?
5. When shall we take her to government hospital for her card and further all vaccinations? Also is government medicine safe to give to babies? In the era of all this corruption and greed where people are giving injection to gourd so that it grow up fast, injecting watermelon with red die so that it look red, are the government (FREE) vaccination safe to give to neonate?
6. Any tips so that she let us sleep at night. She sleeps in days and cries at night. My wife is also not getting the chance for rest and is loosing everything.

I would be a lot of extremely grateful for all your help.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi, and congratulations on your new baby!

1.  Loose stools are supposed to happen in a breast fed baby...this is normal.
2.  Continue the nursing and if in doubt, have the doctor check a weight over time.  Of course, formula could be used, but breast is preferred.
3.  Water is fine for infants.  They just don't need much of it and get plenty in the breast milk.  
4.  Often infants have a brisk gastro-colic reflex, which means their bowels move when feeding or shortly after.  This is normal.
5.  I have no idea if the government meds are safe.  India is a pretty advanced country, so I would assume yes.  You have more knowledge about this than I.  I recommend all vaccinations that are given.
6.  Don't let her sleep for longer than 2 hours in the day.  Wake her up!  Treat her quietly and quickly for any night feeds and be the most loving and caring parent for the day feeds.

Lots of questions.  Sorry I can't get into more detail about this.  That is what the babies doctor is supposed to do.  

Have fun!  Dr. Olson


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