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Often when we go out to eat, our 7-year-old daughter will suddenly complain of nausea, saying she feels like she's going to vomit. She cries and is clearly distressed. After a few minutes, she feels fine again. There are no other symptoms. She's fine before the episode and fine again afterward. One time she actually did vomit, but usually she does not. This never happens at home, only when we're out. And it does not occur at the same places, or with the same foods. Sometimes it happens when she's hardly eaten anything, other times when she's halfway through her meal. Originally I thought it had to be gas, but she recovers so suddenly and completely, I don't know. Plus there was the one time that she actually did vomit. What could this possibly be? Anxiety? Some kind of food sensitivity? Thank you in advance!

Hi, Linda,

With these symptoms being very location dependent, I would think more of a food aversion, a behavioral thing, than any real organic illness.  Did she have an unpleasant experience eating out in the past?  Does she tend to be an anxious kid?  It is really hard to think of any food sensitivity that would cause this problem.  

I would suggest discussing this with your pediatrician and see if some focused counseling for this might be a good idea.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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