QUESTION: Hello, our son has always had a childlike quality to the way he moves but now he's 8 I'm a little worried. I've put a video link below so you can see what I mean (although a bit exaggerated because he's excited). Is he likely to grow out of it soon? As I'd hate for him to be picked on...


ANSWER: Hi, Raquel,

Great gardens and compost piles!  

Your son does have some unusual, repetitive, arm flapping movements, that I can appreciate are probably a bit exaggerated due to "being in a movie".  Is he great at interacting w other kids?  Did he develop normally with developmental milestones being up to par?  Has his speech developed normally?  Did he have any injuries or trauma at birth?

I don't know if this is normal for him.  I would wonder, if he has mild autism spectrum disorder, but that is a pretty big leap considering I don't know him and have not seen him over time.  

What has your doctor said?

Good luck, Dr. Olson

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QUESTION: Thanks for your reply Doc. Glad you like our allotment grounds!
Our son did have hard birth (born blue, meconium, cord wrapped twice round neck, apparently had seizures, but he was home 11 days later).
Hit milestones just in time but never been very physical, more intellectual if you know what I mean. Speech and reading fantastic. I would say he's a pretty social being but ever since he went to play school they've been mentioning social issues. He's just started seeing someone in school to "make a book about moving into Y4".
Have not been to a GP as he's not sick bit just wanted to get opinion from someone more knowledgeable.
I did wonder since a friend mentioned Aspergers a few years back but didn't want to be a hypochondriac. But if it may be then I will try to bear that it mind. If you do think anything more deadly then let me know and we will see doctor.
Thanks a million! X

Hi, Raquel,

"Allotment grounds" must be some British term.  Is this your property or part of a communal garden?  Anyway, to an avid small space intensive gardener like myself, this is garden Nirvana!

I suspect, based on what you further tell me, that he does have mild ASD.  The term "Aspergers" is not used in the USA officially any more with the new psychiatric coding system, but he strikes me as a quirky, very smart and creative kid who may need a bit of a social tuneup to respond best in life.  

The birth history might be significant, but who knows?  Nothing deadly here at all.  This does not strike me as a progressive neurologic disorder.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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