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My 5 month old son straightens his legs a lot. When he's in his excersaucer thing he will always put one arm down in the seat and only use the other to play with the toys. He uses both hands when not in the jumpy though. Sometimes when he reaches for things his hands will shake.

Is this normal?

If not should I take him to the doctor? He has his 6month check up at the end of the month. Would it be fine to wait until then or is it something that I should make an earlier appointment for?

Hi, Alyssa,

Yes, I would take him to the doctor, but only if it is time for his next scheduled, 6 month, physical. Tell the doctor of your concerns and he/she will do a good exam, but concentrating a bit more on the neurologic/muscle systems.

This all sounds normal.  If he is moving both sides equally in most situations, then the chance of a weakness on one side is pretty minimal.  The tremor with intention is also probably normal.  

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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