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Hi Dr. Olson,
My babygirl turns 4 years old in a few weeks. She is going to be tall from what I'm told. I am 5'6 and her dad is 6'5. I read somewhere that young children who are going to have longer legs, often walk with their feet somewhat pointed inward. Hers does not cause her to fall down, but other moms notice and ask me about it, and its very annoying when they do. Is this an issue that I should look into? Is it common and will her feet point forward as she gets older? Is it something I can make her aware of and correct at home?

Hi, Mary Ellen,

I have not heard of the relation between long legs and in turned feet.

Many kids and adults are slightly in turned and this often is seen in world class sprinters.  The point of that statement is not that she will fast, but this won't hinder anything.  Have your pediatrician check on the next PE.

Good luck, Dr. Olson  


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