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My 5 year old son has had issues with constipation since he was 1. A doctor told us back then to put him on a daily laxative like miralax and that he would just grow out of the problem but it has been 4 years and he still as issues. The issue went away for about 2 months but now it is back. The child's mother and I have been separated since he was 3 and she tells me he should stay on it.I am worried because when I have him on weekends and I give him the medicine he is in the bathroom 80% of the time and he is miserable. What should I be doing to help him if I can't get him in to see a doctor immediately. My ex tells me that if I don't give it to him and she finds out she will try to take my parental rights away even though she refuses to take him to a doctor. HELP PLEASE!!!

Hi, Justin,

Miralax works if one does a clean out , a consistent daily dose, a plan what to do with diarrhea , and just doesn't  work if you use it haphazardly.  If you and your ex are not on the same page, it won't work.  See a good pediatrician,  get a plan, both of you stick with it , and things will work.  If the doctor is not willing to follow this until it done, get a new doc on board.  I usually see kids at least 2-3 times to assure lasting success.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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