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Pediatrics/diarrhea? green frequent mucus stools


Hi my LO is almost 14 weeks old.  The past three days maybe a week she has had increased bowel  movements that are sometimes slimey and greenish brown yellow  and sometimes just green.  She is EBF but takes BM from bottle while im at work.  She had also had a low grade fever up to 99.9 axillary.  She goes on nursing strikes sometimes in the afternoon but will take a nittle.  She seens exhaustef but fights sleep.  She is much more drooly, sucks her fists and blanket.  Also she is fussy i dont know if she is in pain or just sleepy.  I havent changed my diet and sbe has never had an issue before.  No congestion or anything to suggest a cold.  She finishes one breast at feedings.  She just seems miserable .  I tbought maybe teething because we tend to teethe early in our family.  She seems happy when she is rested she is active smiling babbling.  Help please

Hi, Lara,

This sounds like a viral illness, with fussiness, low temp increase, and changes in stools.  If she develops a significant fever, greater than 100.4, at this age she should see her pediatrician and be looked over.  If no fever and doing pretty well, then following things would be recommended.  I doubt this is due to teething.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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