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Dear Sir

My 9 months  old daughter, Is normally feeding breast and a boiled mixture of vegetable,  rice, Dal three times a day with baby milk a day with baby milk and some time we give him fruit like banana and mango  . since he born several stool test been done no blood cell found but vegetable cell and fat cell found Dr. give him antibiotic but one thing now days he discharge his stool average 4 times 2 time full and rest 2 times a few like a tea spoon and this 2 tea spoon is like jelly type. some time he cray at night like 1 or 2 night in a month and this cry continues half an hour is it he is having pain in his stomach or any thing.

His Stool test done on 21.06.2014 it appears

Consistency     : mucoid
Colour          : greenish
starch          : (++)
Epithelial Cell : (+)

Hi, jahid,

I don't understand how doctors in India treat things that are related to the bowels.  In the USA we culture the stools and don't treat anything until we know what is going on.  This is clearly different in India, after answering dozens of questions like this.  Ask your doctor what is being treated. Crying one or two times in a month at night doesn't sound to me like this is very significant.  In the USA, stools are checked for blood, pus cells and importantly cultured.  I don't have any idea about "starch" in a stool.

Ask your doctor what is being treated and perhaps get a stool culture.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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