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why my 3 month old son has a lot of mucus in his stool?
from the begining i give him formula, at 3 weeks old he was put on alimentum(hypoallergenic formula) because he had constipation and abdominal cramp all the time. at 6 weeks old he had intestin inflamation and had blood in his stool, so we change the milk for neocate(amino acid base formula). the blood stop 2 days later but the mucus stay and its been 6 weeks hes on neocate and no change in the mucus. it has a lot of mucus in his stool and the color is green/brown sometime look orange. my son also have ezema and acid reflux , he was on losec but i stop to give him the medication 2 weeks ago because it was not working . otherwise hes growing good, only the mucus worry me a lot. our pedriatrician is out of town for a month, i have an appointment with her in 5 weeks. i saw my family doctor and i call the healt link but nobody can give me an answer, i dont know what to do so please help me. thanks

Hi, christina,

If the blood has stopped, if he is gaining weight and is in general healthy on the amino acid formula Neocate, then I wouldn't worry about some mucous.  Keep track of this and record stuff so your pediatrician can give you some ideas.  Again, mucous in the stools is not a big deal in a healthy baby who is being closely followed by a good pediatrician.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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