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My 8 year old son got sunburned on his shoulders back and chest three days ago. No blisters and we have been putting hydrocortisone on his shoulders per pediatrician suggestion.  This morning I noticed a small petechial rash on his upper chest. The area consists of red spots that do not blanch with pressure and is flat. He said he was itching his chest last night but not this morning.  No fever just a slight cough. Is this something I should have checked at an urgent care center or should I just keep an eye on it until the pediatricians office opens tomorrow morning? Of course everything I've seen on petechial rashes has me terrified. Thanks in advance.

Hi, Pam,

Petechial rashes should not be caused by sun exposure.  If he has no fever and is not seemingly sick, then this pretty much rules out terrible causes of petechiae and a visit or call Monday seems appropriate. Sounds like you are a doctor/nurse to even know about rashes that don't blanch.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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