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My baby completed 2 months and just started her 3rd month...she was suffering from vomiting after every feed and 3 instances of brownish or redness n her vomit.After giving her medications she was fine but later developed dullness one day for which we had to do blood test urine test n urine culture test....and an abdominal scan...all reports were normal except for urine culture said that EColi organism was present.... She was on anti biotics for 10 days becos of the Urinary Tract Infection...n inclined bed position.... Now she s fine however to avoid UTI since we have to repeat tests after 1 month 3 months and 6 months to see that it doesn't come back....Also I would like to know how UTI can develop in my baby who is so young. Doctors also said that she may have mild reflux or GER..

My other question is she s not passing motion more than once a day in large qty but every time she passes urine there may or may not be traces of motion.

Sleeping is a concern becos she doesn't like to be put on the bed....she loves to sleep in my arms.kindly advice. Will not sleeping well hinder her growth.

Please also advice a diet for me to avoid my baby from suffering cos I give her breast milk only.

Thank you.

Hi, Nancy,

Was the culture a pure growth (all E. coli) from a catheter specimen?  If not and if this from a bagged specimen, it may not mean anything.

If it was a UTI at this early age, she needs some evaluation of her kidneys to rule out renal reflux, such as an echo of the bladder and kidneys and perhaps a study such as a VCUG.  Movement of the urine from the bladder to the kidneys (renal reflux) can predispose one to infection at an early age, as well as can congenital defects of the kidneys and collecting system.

GER is related to the stomach and esophagus and is not related to a UTI.

Breast feeding mothers should eat a good general diet with lots of fluids and take their prenatal vitamin.  Nothing exotic.

Feed her, comfort her, and before she falls asleep in your arms, let her try to fuss herself to sleep.  She needs to know at some time to fall asleep without you being present.  The type of lack of sleep you are describing shouldn't harm her growth.  Your doctor can tell you if she is growing well.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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