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My 13 month old son has had on/off loose stools for over a week now (ranging from soft formed poos, to mushy to watery). It started whilst on holiday and since he was eating a lot more "adult" food over there we put it down to that. He hasn't had a fever at all and he seems completely unaffected - as happy and energetic as ever! Should I take him to the drs or wait it out a bit longer? Is it also worth cutting out milk? He has been having cows milk products for some time now and hasn't had a reaction  (though he was breastfed for 11 months).  I guess my question is how do i know if its something serious  and  what should I do to help him?


Hi, Lorraine,

Loose stools that are a bit more frequent in a healthy child really should be watched.  Generally these turn out to be self-limited viral illnesses and go away.  If he is sick with this, if he has blood in the stool or if you just are more concerned, if it continues for a week or so more, see the doctor.  I would make no dietary changes in this healthy child.

Good luck, Dr. olson


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