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Pediatrics/late speech in 3 and half year old kid


Dear sir
My question is about my three and half year old son who does not speak as yet. He babbles a lot says a few, about 15 words only.
However, he understands everything we tell him, follows instructions attends per school where his teacher also has similar views about him. He is playful and happy, communicates everything through gestures and pulling is by our hands but he is not talking!

We had several evaluations done through which no conclusion has been achieved.

Recently we did BERA test to assess his hearing as he very frequently has cough and cold. Beta results show he has mild conductive hearing loss (hearing threshold 35 dbnl in right and 40 dbhl in left ear).

Is it possible this hearing loss is affecting his speech? Is this hearing loss and its type significant enough to be able to delay his speech to this extent.
Do we need treatment for this and lastly if yes what kind of treatment?

I am really worried sir

Hi, Jyoti,

I think it is unlikely, but possible, that the conductive losses, fairly slight, are causing this.  It would be reasonable to follow the presumed fluid that is behind both eardrums, make sure this gets better and make sure the hearing returns to complete normalcy.  If he seems to be frequently congested, your doctor may want to use an antihistamine or a nasal steroid spray to see if this helps.  

If his ears return to normal and his hearing, as far as one can tell, if fine, then a speech therapist may help.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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