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Hello Doctor,

My son is 4.5 years old. There are some swelling in his limbs for past 9 days. Let me clarify a bit -

1. On Monday he came back from school complaining about severe leg pain. There was a bit swelling in the cough muscle of the left leg. The pain subsided after 5-6 hours. Next day he complained about the pain in hand and there was a bit swelling in the arm too. Again than pain subsided in another 4-5 hours. This kind of swelling is happening IHS the different parts of the limbs for last 9 days. The pains are not in joints but mainly in muscles which is subsiding in few hours. The swelling is also getting subsided too.

2. A bit on the history - He had a throat infection in July followed by skin rashes and after that skill peeling.

We are worried. Should we wait and watch for few more days and see if the problem cures by itself? Or should we immediately take some action..

Can you pls help doctor.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, Joyeeta,

What a pretty name!

I would see your doctor.  If the throat infection in July was strep and was not treated, then the current symptoms could be a post-strep reactive arthritis.  It is possible that the two things are unrelated, but I would feel better seeing your doctor and finding out if some strep titers or other tests indicating a recent strep infection should be done.

Good luck, Dr. olson


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