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Hi my 2 year old daughter is 18.5 kg and keeps putting on weight her blood results came back with a fatty liver but her thyroid was fine she has been on a healthy diet since she started eating solids no junk food she loves her veggies and fruit and only drinks water her blood results also stated that she is low in iron which i dont undersand because she eats meat and veggies etc i am booked in to see a peaditrtion next month but i need answers please help she is also very active doesnt ever sit down

Hi, lauren,

NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) is the most common liver disease we see in kids age 2-18.  It almost always is associated with obesity and most kids have insulin resistance, meaning their pancreas puts out more insulin to maintain normal blood sugars.  We do have some non-specific markers biochemically for this, such as liver enzymes, insulin levels, inflammatory markers, but much more needs to be known about this.

Ultrasound of the liver is a good way to help diagnose NAFLD.  Biopsy of the liver is the true way to make the diagnosis.

I'm a pretty good general pediatrician, but if your child was my patient, I would send her to see a pediatric gastroenterologist at a pediatric medical center for a much more complete workup.  Speaking for myself and most of my general colleagues, this is a field that most of us don't know enough about.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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