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Hi my 2 year old daughter is 18.5 kg and keeps putting on weight her blood results came back with a fatty liver but her thyroid was fine she has been on a healthy diet since she started eating solids no junk food she loves her veggies and fruit and only drinks water her blood results also stated that she is low in iron which i dont undersand because she eats meat and veggies etc i am booked in to see a peaditrtion next month but i need answers please help she is also very active doesnt ever sit down

At 18.5 kg your child is severely overweight. This is not my area of expertise but the only reason you gain weight is if your calorie intake is greater than the calories you burn up. This excess energy is deposited as fat. In children who are growing, some extra energy is required for linear growth but in this situation the only solution is to eat less.  


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