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Our 3 yr old son has, over the year, woke up in the morning vomiting on at least 6 different occasions.  Each time, he has an empty stomach and will not keep any water down.  He usually will vomit several times until dry heaving.  Finally, each time, he falls asleep, from exhausting himself, around midday.  When he wakes up, on each occurrence, he is then fine.  He will go about his day, as nothing has happened.  It does not seem to be a virus, as I have four other children and none of them come down with such symptoms or visible illness.  I am baffled and concerned.  I am hesitant to take him to the doctor, as it is so sporadic and sudden each time.  Then, it goes away just as suddenly.  Any suggestions to what could be causing this?  Thank you for your assistance.

Hi, Jamie,

Generally this situation is one of a food allergy/intolerance.  A virus would last longer and others would get it.  In my office, I would get a history, do an exam (which is probably normal) and ask you to do a diet diary, looking at the food in the 24 hours before the symptoms start to see if there is some consistent food that is the culprit.  An allergy evaluation is usually not helpful and frankly, unless your child is sick between these episodes, a visit to us usually isn't helpful.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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