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Im 17 year height is 5"6'.so swimming and any pediatrician's treatment can help to increase height.till which ages boys stops growth in their height?

ANSWER: Hi, pratik,

Something is lost here.  What is the reference to "swimming"?  How tall are your parents?  When did you start puberty (hair changes especially)?  Give me some more information and be more specific and I would be happy to help you.

Good luck, Dr. Olson

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QUESTION: Swimming exercise can help to increase parents height is 5"2'.what r indication of puberty start? When i was at 11 i was growing normally after growth become slow down.any pediatrician Cāň help me at this age to increase height .?plz help me

Hi, pratik,

Thanks for the explanations.

I know of no evidence that swimming exercises increase height.  It's a great aerobic exercise, but do it more to stay fit rather than to get taller.  

If you started puberty at age 11, your growth is stopped at 17.  

If both your parents are 5'2", you are very lucky to be 5'6".  I would have predicted you would be much shorter based on parental height estimations of your predicted height.

Be satisfied with what you have.  Stand tall and project a confident air.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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