ok I don't know if you can help me .ok well I am 16 years old and I work and do school and the other day I became really shaky and I couldn't keep my hand from moving my voss noticed it and stared to become worried well I have been shaky every since I don't do drug and I don't take any medication this has happened to me before but not this bad I cant hold the sonic tray woth out shaking then on top of the shaking i start feeling sick to my stomach.i am usually fine when i wake up for about 30 minutes then i start feeling like i am going to vomit then i will be fine and just be shaky but then the skayness gets worse and i can barly control it then when i go to be i feel like vomiting again and shaky ....please help me i am just asking for what you think it is ....sorry about the misspelling

Hi, Rebekah,

Do you eat a good breakfast to start out the day?  Some of your symptoms sound like they could be due to low blood sugar.  Is this only in the morning?  Do you have times during the day you are fine?  Are you having panic attacks?  Do you have a history of anxiety?  Give me some more info and happy to help.

Dr. Olson


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