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Hi. I don't know if I went to a right site. But I just wanted to ask since you're professions is about kids.

I am a 3rd year college taking up BS Computer Science and we're taking up our thesis right now. Our thesis is about game developing and we were obviously developing a game which is strictly for 8 upto 20 years old only. It is an educational puzzle game wherein the puzzle rotates and the player which is an 8 years old and above should tap and rotate to place every layer pieces into the right position to form the complete picture. We were asked to ask a doctor who has a major concern about kids. The question is, does our age range is accurate for the game? What does kids with an age like 8 and above playing and should be learning when it comes to that age?

Thank you so much for answering. Hoping to get a better answer here. I've been looking for a professional doctors online for a week. Thank you. :)

Here's my email account if only needed.  

Hi, Zhie,

I generally don't answer questions like this and keep my answers in a medical help realm, but I'll give you a short one.  I think the average 8 yo is fully capable of doing the type of puzzle you are proposing.  I don't know all the details and assume that when you get the puzzle completed, you will test it for a variety of ages. What they should be playing and learning at age 8 is a long answer and you can get more detailed information re this by searching online.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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