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Hello! My 11 month old son suffers from chronic constipation and has since birth. He has hypotonia so unfortunately it affects his bowel movements as well as every other muscle on him. But when he does have a BM, regardless of the consistency it always contains mucus, undigested food, sometimes dark blood streaks, and these little white specs. Sometimes it contains tiny thread like segments, almost looks like undigested fiber but it's either white or tan, not dark like fiber. Today he had a very loose, mucus filled, grainy, green blowout. Any idea as to what it could be? I've wondered about parasites bc I know they're easy to aquire and we live out in the country and have pets, but then I also wonder about some other digestive explanation.

Hi, April,

The stingy, standlike things may be strands of mucous or may be some type of parasite.  It is impossible for me or anyone to tell from a picture.  If he is sick, see your doctor.  If this is more a chronic issue in an otherwise healthy kid, then seeing your doc at the one year visit, with fresh stool like this in as clean container, may be helpful.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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