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If it's fine I would just like to ask you some questions for my paper ..
- Place of employment?
- How long have you been employed there?
- Whats the education that qualifies you to be a pediatrician? ( what 4 year college you go to, medical school?, & how long it take for med school?)
- What do you enjoy most about your job? least?
- What specific procedures if any, did you have to go through to become a Pediatrician?
- If you were given the opportunity to choose another career over becoming what you are today, would you? why or why not?

I work in Cardiff, Wales.
Have been a consultant in Cardiff since 1995.
I did 6 years at Uni/med school and 8 years postgrad training.
Best part is looking after patients.
No specific procedures. I am qualified as a general paediatrician and a paediatric nephrologist.
It is pretty awful working in the NHS system and I am glad neither of my children are going to be doctors. I would not recommend a career in medicine in the UK. Poor training; poor work environment; not valued by employers; little job satisfaction. Do not know what I would be if not a doctor as am a bit old now. My son is studying mathematics and I think that is a degree which offers lots of opportunities.  


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Dr Graham Smith


I am accredited in general paediatrics and paediatric nephrology and and am happy to answer questions on both topics. It is not possible or safe to assess acutely sick children through this medium. Such children should be taken to their own doctor, where a full history can be taken and an examination carried out.


I have been a consultant paediatrician and paediatric nephrologist for 13 years. I have been involved in paediatrics for 22 years.

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