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My nephew of 3 years old at first, and later my mother, they have been infected by Mycoplasma pneumoniae. Doctors says that after the treatment, infection has disappeared, that only IgG remains positive. But i don´t know why every time that my nephew get sick my mother too. The worst part goes for the kid because often his lungs are affected. The main question is żIf a reinfection or relapse occurs, IgM will be positive or negative?

Hi, Jose,

With recurrent coughing, one has to think about other conditions like asthma.  It would be unusual to have a relapse of mycoplasma.  IgM can be used to follow this.  If this is a new infection or a relapse, the IgM should be positive.  What I don't know is how long the IgM remains positive after an initial infection.  My guess would be for 2-4 weeks, based on IgM response in other illnesses.  In my six person peds practice in Michgan, we virtually never order mycoplasma gammaglobulins.

Good luck, Dr Olson


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