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My son is 15 months old and for the last 3 weeks he has had clay/ pale colored stool. For the last 8 months his neutrophils have been low and his lymphocytes have been low. In late August his ESR was 11 and in September it was 24. It seems every month a new symptom arises and I get ignored by his doctor. Her response to his ear was ohh he must be getting sick and response to his labs have been that it looks like his norm. This all started with reacurrent fevers every 4 weeks. Extreme fatigue, so I brought him in. Then latley he has been extremely irritable (which could be age) but still out of his norm. Now it's the stool. The reason o brought him in the last time was because he has had two episodes of not being able to move his left arm and I even recorded it because not they are making me second guess myself. I am not a new parent I have 3 other children ages 17, 15,and 9. What could this be.

Hi, Nichole,

Recurrent fevers every 4 weeks could be coincidence but there are recurrent fever syndromes we see in pediatrics.  The inability to move the L arm may have been injury, but who knows?  The ESR is pretty normal and not really suggestive of a major inflammatory process.  The neutrophils and lymphs being low depends on how low.  The stool for three weeks could be nothing, but sometimes lack of pigment can be a liver related problem.  

What to do?  If your doc is not a pediatrician, I would see one.  If your doctor is a pediatrician, you might suggest a second opinion, preferably at a peds hospital.  Just really hard to tell at this distance what is going on.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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