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My daughter is 5 days old and has had this red mark beside her eye since birth. I am worried it could be a strawberry birthmark, does it look like the beginning of one to you? She has a Mongolian spot on her behind, does it increase the chances that its a birthmark? If not, what else could it be as it does not seem to be going away?


ANSWER: Hi, Louiseanne,

A "birthmark" is any mark present from birth.  Lots of them go away, especially red ones on the face, that usually are infantile hemangiomas.  They may get bigger over time, but eventually most, especially the flat ones, go away.  It is not related to the Mongolian patch, generally a permanent mark seen in dark skinned people. At the one month visit, ask your doc about it.

Congrats on the new baby, looks very cute!

Dr. Olson

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QUESTION: Thanks. I appreciate that it is difficult to tell from the picture (and maybe because its still early days?) but does it look like it may be a strawberry birthmark? My hormones are all over the place lately and this is just the latest in what I am sure will be a long list of worries with my little one!


Hi, Loiseanne,

Strawberry mark is one of the many common terms for infantile hemangioma.  These are usually self limited vascular lesions that grow, become stable and then gradually involute.  So if it gets bigger, don't freak out, for it will resolve with time.  Some that are big, rapidly growing, in places like around the eye where they may inhibit function, can be treated with several modalities.  Most need no treatment.

I have an old shoulder to lean on.  If you have questions, fire away.  I like to help people and fine this format is refreshing and helps me keep up to date on matters.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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