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lifting head
lifting head  
Hi Mr. Olson, my baby is 15 weeks old exclusively on breast milk. I am worried about her physical development.
What she is able to do by now:
1) Smiles looking at us
2) got to know and started Tummy Time (TT) since a week, she her head balances OK during TT, otherwise her head is not so balanced
3) She rotates her head and eyes for a moving object
4) Seems that she acknowledges sounds, but still doesn't move her head towards the sound
5) Makes sounds gu,uu
6) Keeps her hands in mouth, doesn't even try to grasp anything into her hands (tried with our fingers, toys)
7) Neither turns on her side nor rolls
*** chokes a lot while feeding, whenever she chokes she delays for about 6-8 seconds in taking the next breath after choke. Is that a problem ?
Can you please advice what are the normal developments that babies make, when should i worry about my baby's physical development and is there anything that i should do for her development

thank you.

Hi, Priya,

It sounds like she is doing pretty much normal range things for her age.  She has marvelous head control!  I would rely much more on the observations of a trained pediatrician, who has seen her.  What does your doctor say?  Does he/she have some concerns?

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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