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QUESTION: Hello, I am giving my 6 month baby Vitamin D (0.5 ml) from birth.Now doctor has suggested to give Ferium & Zincovit to him both 0.5 ml. He is very weak, under weight and recently recovered from diahrrea and sever cough. Can i start his calcium drops for him as his bones have become very weak. If yes how much>

ANSWER: Hi, Minal,

Why is he weak, underweight and how do you know he has weak bones?  What is causing these issues?  Generally infants don't really benefit from a calcium supplement and if there is a chronic problem, vitamins and supplements are of limited value.  

Give me some more ibfo and happy to help.

Good luck, Dr. Olson

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QUESTION: he is weak and underweight now as he recently suffered from 15 days diahrea...also when i try to exercise him...his bones make was concerned

ANSWER: Hi, Minal,

The bones that make noise are probably normal.  I would ask that your doctor look at the whole situation and make a suggestion as to what dose of drops would be appropriate. This is more a decision that your doctor should make, who knows all the details about him.

Good luck, Dr. Olson

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stool test ph reducing substance micros
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stool test  
zincovit was started because he has very low appetite. only 300 ml a day...bteast feed is minimal as i am working. baby is having persistent loose motions past 20 days. first time when they came doctor asked us to give probiotic; zinc and antibiotic.also he showed lactose intolerance so changed his milk to stopped after 5 days...2nd time again doctor prescribed same treatment. now again it appeared. please suggest and have a look into attached stool report. he is currently on zerolac that is soy milk.
also can i breastfeed if baby has diahrea as baby is lactose intolerant.

can i continue supplements if baby is having diarrhea?

are loose motions because of teething~

Hi, Minal,

Sorry for not getting back sooner.  Had a busy family weekend.

The stool tests look normal to me.  If this a bacterial process, then there should be a lot more pus cells in the stool.  

There are no vitamin supplements that will enhance appetite.  They can be given to be sure a sick baby is getting enough vitamins.

How do you know he has lactose intolerance?  It would be unusual for a baby this age to have that diagnosis. Even if he did, these babies have no difficulty, usually, tolerating breast milk.  

Teething will not cause this amount of diarrhea.

Supplements can be continued, but really someone needs to find out why he is sick.

Good luck, Dr. Olson  


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