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Pediatrics/2 month old - No BM in 30 hours


My 2 month old hasn't had a BM for almost 30 hours. Baseline 3-5 BM's per day - usually during breast feedings. He is mostly breastfed with occasional supplement formula if breast milk is unavailable while I am at work. Abdomen appears slightly distended with +BS and flatus. He is not overly fussy at this time. No fever or any other associated symptoms. Should I be concerned?

Hi, Daisy,

Breast fed infants sometimes have weird, but normal pooping patterns the change inexplicably.  I have seen breast fed infants go a week without a stool and be fine and have no distress.  When they have one, watch out!  It can be big and explosive.  If they seem to be having some distress, then gently stimulation of the rectum with a well lubed q tip inserted a centimeter in will sometimes promote a stool.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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